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Poll: Majority of marijuana smokers are parents, backed Clinton 2-1
Washington Examiner
First Church of Cannabis Founder Bill Levin exhales as he smokes a "sacrament substitute" during the church's first service, Wednesday, July 1, 2015, in Indianapolis. Levin said he decided to keep marijuana out of Wednesday's service to ensure he can

A majority of current marijuana smokers are parents, and some of them even smoke in front of their underaged kids, according to a comprehensive new survey.

The Yahoo-Marist poll said that 54 percent of current smokers have kids, and 6 percent smoke in front of their underaged children. What’s more, they don’t fret much if their older kids smoke marijuana, and worry more about their children taking up cigarettes.

Said the “Weed & The American Family” survey, “93 percent of parents who use marijuana and have underage children have not used it in front of or shared marijuana with their children. Still, that leaves 6 percent who have.”

Parental approach to marijuana and its use differ among parents who use it and those who don’t. For example, 58 percent of all parents believe their children would disapprove of their mom or dad’s recreational use. But among smokers who are parents, 49 percent said their children would approve.

Overall, the survey said that 22 percent of all American adults use marijuana, 54,510,216 people, and 63 percent use it regularly.

Among the key highlights of regular users, 68 percent backed Hillary Rodham Clinton, 32 percent supported President Trump.

What’s more, said the lengthy survey analysis, regular users “are more likely to describe themselves as Democrats, 43 percent, or independents, 42 percent, than to consider themselves Republican, 14 percent. A majority characterize themselves politically as very liberal or liberal, 53 percent.”

And most, 71 percent, “do not practice a religion.”

Legalizing marijuana use beyond medicinal use is spreading nationally, though there are indications that the Trump administration plans to pressure authorities to enforce anti-drug laws against its use.

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