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South Florida renders verdict on Donald Trump's first 100 days – Sun …
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As President Donald Trump hits the 100 day mark, South Florida supporters are giving the presidnet positive grades, while people who voted for Hillary Clinton …

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As President Donald Trump hits 100 days in office on Saturday, opinion in South Florida appears to be every bit as polarized as it was on Election Day almost six months ago.

  • Ruben Kagan, who lives west of Boynton Beach, thinks Trump “is the best thing that ever happened.” Melissa Nocera, who lives west of Boca Raton, thinks “he’s narcissistic and out of his mind.”
  • Randall Bishop, of Sunrise, is worried that Trump’s handing of the nuclear threat from North Korea could end in World War III. Sandor Goldstein, a Wisconsonite who spends some of his cold weather time in West Boca — and whose son is an Air Force physician stationed in South Korea — is confident the president’s approach will keep his son safe.
  • Leslie Fleming, of Lighthouse Point, praises Trump as “a fighter. He’s trying to do everything he promised.” Her husband, Scott, said he’s troubled by what he sees as Trump’s impulsive flip-flopping and called the president’s behavior “embarrassing” for the country.

As Trump reaches the 100-day mark, interviews in recent days with 34 people in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties show widely divergent — and intense — views about the real estate developer turned reality TV show host turned president.

There was one area of agreement that crossed party lines. Many people said they didn’t like the president’s use of Twitter.

Robert Fiedorowicz, 69, a Republican from Deerfield Beach, said presidential tweeting reduced the grade he’s willing to give Trump to A minus from A. “He’s the president. He shouldn’t tweet. That’s where the minus comes from. The tweeting, it’s hard to defend.”

Pete Palmer, 43, of Coral Springs, who is active in the Republican Party, also dinged Trump, giving him an A minus for the same reason. “He still needs to rein in the Twitter account.”

Natoshia Melvin, 40, of Deerfield Beach, who voted for Clinton, said she’s exhausted by the president’s use of social media. “As the president he should be focusing on the things we need to focus on and not stoop to this level.”

As you might expect, Republicans and independents who voted for Trump turned in many grades of A for his first 100 days. Democrats and independents who voted last year for Hillary Clinton mostly gave Ds and Fs. Only a handful of people judged him in the middle, with a C.

And Dottie Weinstein, a Democrat in her 80s who lives west of Boynton Beach and voted for Clinton, said she didn’t trust Trump. “He’s an immature human being. I don’t feel what he’s doing is in the best interests of the country.”

Kagan, her husband, who is also in his 80s, voted Republican. He said it’s time the country had someone, like Trump, who could “stop the B.S.”

Sal Caliendo, of Boca Raton, said the president is “doing great,” adding that he’s especially happy that Trump is “getting rid of the cryberries.”

And Mary Barnett, 60, of Sunrise, gives the president kudos.

“I think he’s great. He’s done everything he said [he would],” she said, crediting him with saving American jobs and “finally dealing” with the threat from the Islamic State.